Daniel Kaluuya "believed" in the script for ‘Queen & Slim’.

The 30-year-old actor stars in and executive produces the new thriller movie – which hit cinema screens this week – and has said his decision to help finance the film as an executive producer came as he wanted to whatever he could to get the project off the ground.

He said: "I believed in it from the very beginning when I read it. I said, ‘What can I do? What can I do to help? What can I do to help fund it?’ You know what I’m saying? [I wanted to] do what needs to be done and have those conversations."

Daniel stars alongside Jodie Turner-Smith in the movie, which sees them play a black man and a black woman who meet on Tinder and are on their first date.

On their way home, they’re pulled over by a cop and the encounter intensifies to the point that the man kills the cop in self-defence, forcing the new couple to make a run for it together.

And the actor – who previously starred in ‘Get Out’ – says he was also influenced to take part in the movie because he wanted to "change the narrative" surrounding American films with black leads.

Speaking to Collider.com, he said: "Even just like … there’s another thing as well, there’s a history of American films with black leads not performing internationally. And it’s just a very prejudiced ideology. Being not from America, I want to help that, and try and change that narrative. And also I just [wanted to] contribute as much as I can to the script, and do what needs to be done."