Julianne Moore thinks she’s in a new phase on her career.

The 58-year-old actress is currently combining performing with producing, meaning she’s adopted a different approach towards her own career.

She explained: "I’ve always felt that it’s my responsibility to find [great roles], to seek them out, to find the directors I want to work with. Right now, for the first time, I’m starting to develop material for myself."

Asked when she started to have creative control over her career, Julianne told Variety: "I would like to think that there’s sort of a trajectory that we can all follow, where you’re like, ‘Now it’s okay.’

"I don’t know that any of us feels that way. I think particularly when you’re a freelancer, as all of us are, you really just go from job to job.

"Once a job finishes, you feel like you’re kind of back at zero. Now it’s time to find something else and work on that."

Meanwhile, Julianne recently claimed sex in film is too often depicted as just being for "young people".

The Hollywood star doesn’t feel there are "whole lot" of "relationship-driven" movies in cinemas at the moment and that when sex is explored in a film, the focus is "usually" on younger characters.

She said: "They don’t show older men either. I mean usually when you think of movies and an exploration of that [sex] it’s usually with young people and it’s a romantic comedy.

"There’s not actually a whole lot of relationship driven films right now, when you think the biggest movies are ‘The Avengers’. I don’t think there’s a real exploration of romantic or sexual love in any of those."