Joshua Bassett’s new single has been in the works for a couple of years.

The 20-year-old actor – who is best known for starring in ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ – recently released his first single, ‘Lie Lie Lie’, and he’s revealed that it was something he’s been preparing to do for years.

Joshua explained: “People have been asking me to release it since I posted a snippet two years ago on my Instagram. Having the finished product out there and seeing people enjoy it has been wonderful.”

Despite recently releasing new music, Joshua has found it hard to remain creative during the coronavirus crisis.

The actor-turned-singer has been forced to “step [his] game up” amid the pandemic.

He told Billboard: “Almost every track was made via Zoom. You’re forced to take on more responsibility as a musician and really step up your game.”

Meanwhile, Joshua recently confirmed he’s “on the mend” after undergoing emergency surgery.

The rising star took to his Instagram Story to reassure fans that he’s feeling much better after undergoing surgery.

He wrote: “Hi guys! I wanted to take a moment to thank you all and give you a little update. I am feeling much better !!! getting very excellent care and defininitly on the mend. (sic)”

Prior to that, Joshua revealed he’d undergone surgery after suffering “the worst pain of [his] life”.

The singer went under the knife just hours before ‘Lie Lie Lie’ was released.

Joshua shared a video of himself lying on a hospital bed, and added the caption: “welp… not the first place i assumed i’d be on my Lie Lie Lie release day… the ER!! (before you ask, no it’s not covid.) after an unknown, uncomfortable feeling turned into, times 10, the worst pain of my life, i figured i’d just try to sleep. after multiple, very very ugly days and nights, i had no choice today but be taken to the hospital. i’d like to say thank you!!!! for all the support on the song!!! i’ve been doing what i can today to stay involved. had my first surgery tonight ! gonna rest at the hospital and the doctors will see what they see in the morn! (sic)”