Kesha didn’t expect to become so "emotional" writing a song about her estranged father.

The 32-year-old singer wasn’t "super aware" she wanted to pen a track about growing up without her dad but when she began work on ‘Father Daughter Dance’ – which is taken from her new album ‘High Road’ – the words came pouring out and triggered a huge reaction.

She said: "It wasn’t a topic I was super aware of wanting to write about, but it came through a stream of consciousness.

"I’ve always acted tough and strong when I was asked about my dad, and I wasn’t aware of how emotional writing that song would make me.

"It opened a floodgate of emotions. It was a different ball game."

The song imagines what life would have been like if Kesha’s father had been a figure in her life while growing up and "out of respect", she told her mother about it first.

She added: "And out of respect I spoke to my mum about it first as she’s been there for me my entire life."

Kesha is very proud of her new record and had a lot of fun working on the different tracks.

She told The Sun newspaper: "On ‘High Road’, I’ve explored a lot and I feel like it’s really fun because I get to really belt out on one song and I am kind of doing the s**t-talking thing.

"On ‘Kinky’ I am just being a jackass and having fun."

And the ‘Tik Tok’ hitmaker can’t wait to get out on the road with her new songs.

She added: "I’ve never been as excited about touring in my entire life.

"My album will be out, fans will know all the songs and we can have a real party.

"I am excited to tour it, it’s the cherry on top of everything."