Lewis Capaldi shared seven unreleased songs with fans during an Instagram Live.

The Scottish singer confessed that he didn’t know whether he was allowed to play the tracks, which didn’t make it onto his chart-topping debut LP, ‘Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent’, but went ahead anyway airing them during his streaming session at the weekend.

Lewis told his followers that the first song was only half-finished and that it was written right before they came up with his biggest hit, ‘Someone You Loved’.

On the first track he played, he said: "This is a song that’s never been heard before from me. We did this on the same day we did Someone You Loved.

"Am I allowed to do this? I think so. I’ll just f***ing play it any way.

"We wrote this song first — it’s half-finished, so the words are all over the shop and stuff.

"And then we decided to stop writing this song and instead write Someone You Loved."

One of the songs was the record’s title track, which he co-wrote with ‘Grace Kelly’ hitmaker Mika.

He belts: "Broken by desire to be heavenly sent, divinely uninspired to a hellish extent.

"Looking for reconciliation with the years that I lost. Will I still feel the same?"

The ‘Before You Go’ singer also entertained his fans by performing his own twist on Rita Ora’s ‘How To Be Lonely’, which he co-wrote, swapping the lyrics to slam the crazy toilet roll hoarders who have been panic buying during the coronavirus pandemic, but he began with a serious message about spreading "kindness" in these unsettling times.

He sang: "We’re all allowed — there’s peace and harmony together. "Although we’re in our homes we’re actually closer than ever.

"It’s important that we spend time and treat each other with kindness, cause what a sad time it is.

"So we better treat each other with kindness. Unless you bought extra toilet paper. you f***ing c***, unless you bought extra toilet paper you c***, "I’m better than you because I never bought extra toilet paper.