Charli XCX feels "totally isolated" and "insecure" sometimes.

The ‘1999’ hitmaker feels a lot of pressure when has to be in pop star mode and it often brings on anxiety.

She told the latest issue of Q magazine: "I get anxious a lot.

"Especially when I have to be ‘on’ as a pop star, or whatever.

"Sometimes I feel insecure, paranoid totally isolated.

"People feel that whether they’re pop stars or not."

The British singer/songwriter recently teamed up with Christine and the Queens on the track ‘Gone’, on which Charli sings about feeling like an outcast.

On a conversation she had with Chris about feeling lonely, she added: "Chris and I were talking about times where we felt like, ‘F***! So alone, so afraid."

The 27-year-old star previously opened up about suffering from panic attacks and admitted they are "amplified" because of her status as a musician.

She said: "I still get them [panic attacks] every now and again. I don’t know, definitely if I’ve been partying a lot, that will trigger anxiety, but sometimes it’s to do with relationships with people, like if there’s some kind of weird energy and I have to confront it, that will take me a second. Normal s**t that people just have. Humans are weird, you know.

"The thing about being a musician is that it amplifies things. So sometimes, if I have to go to an event or a party, I get nervous energy. I’m not good at putting that away. I’m not good at being ‘on’ if I don’t want to be .. I’d be a terrible sports player. You know when you watch tennis and everyone is really composed. I would not be there, I’d be freaking out the whole time."